Essential Tips To Keep Your Guests From Getting Too Drunk

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Essential-Tips-To-Keep-Your-Guests-From-Getting-Too-Drunk The Bottle Club

You’ve been meticulously planning you’re big day for months. Planning every little detail and now the day couldn’t come soon enough, after all the stress that comes with weddings you’re ready to live it up at the reception.

Whilst everyone loves a good party, as a host, it can be a worry, whether it’s the life of the party friend or the reckless uncle, there’s always one or two that enjoy themselves a little too much. We all can agree that we want your guests to enjoy themselves, but there’s a limit to how much alcohol should be consumed, no one wants to be surrounded by sloppy drunks on their big day.

It’s all fun and games until someone knocks the wedding cake over! To help avoid any drunken blunders we’ve got some great tips that will leave you able to relax and enjoy the evening. You’ll thank us later.

Keep the food rolling

It’s important it is to line your stomach when drinking, we’ve all had those moments where we haven’t eaten enough and it’s all gone horribly wrong. So help avoid this by giving your guests plenty to eat, even if you’re serving a 3-course meal think about serving appetisers and late night snacks. The more food (especially carb based) around the less likely your guests are too end up on the floor.  

Salty snacks

Whilst thinking about the reception tables might bring to mind table plans and centrepieces but snacks are not to be overlooked. By providing salty snacks your guests can graze on them mindlessly between meals, helping balance their alcohol consumption.  

Think signature cocktails

It’s often easy to get swept away with the drink options you should offer during the reception. And whilst it might seem like a good idea to have a lot of variety to please everyone this can often result in your guests drinking faster so they can sample all you’re exciting offerings. Consider reducing the options available, introducing a cocktail hour where you only serve your signature cocktail (pick one that isn’t too alcohol heavy)  is a great option to ensure your guests can last well into the night.

Use the 1/2 full trick

It’s traditional to have a champagne toast on your wedding day but this can not only be costly but also add to each person’s alcohol consumption. At most weddings, glasses are filled ¾ full, by asking you waiters to use the ½ full trick you can limit everyone’s consumption without them noticing. You’ll also get the bonus of needing to serve less champagne helping keep costs down!

Get rid of the champers

If you’re not bothered by champagne consider removing the champagne toast altogether. Simply have your guest ‘cheers’ with whatever they are drinking. This way you’re guests don’t have two drinks on the go at once and you save the costly expense that is champagne.

Did someone say shots?

It’s not a real wedding until the shots come out to play. But to help reduce the likeliness of all your guests passing out before the first dance hold off the shots until after dinner. After All, you’ve paid a lot for that food and you’re guests better well remember how good it was!

Put a halt to the drinks

You might feel like you’re being tight by not leaving the bar open all night but don’t feel as if you need to keep it open. If you’re having a long reception consider reducing service a couple of hours before the end, offering only nightcaps to wind down with.

Limit the open bar

Don’t feel like you need to run an open bar all evening, if at all. After all, those things are expensive. If you want to have an open bar consider limiting the money behind the bar or the length of time it’s open. Your guests won’t be mad that they have to put they hand in their pockets for a few drinks. Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean you’re guests should get everything handed to them. If you wouldn’t normally buy the drinks all evening don’t feel like you need to at you’re a wedding.

Failing that host a daytime wedding

It’s more common for guests to drink more at night, so consider a daytime wedding. Not only will it limit the potential for sloppy guests you can also save money on alcohol costs. Win-Win!