Easter Wine Pairings by Danielle Merry

Easter Wine Pairings

Easter weekend is the perfect excuse to gather friends and family for a delish meal, introducing all those spring ingredients we’ve been longing for. Whilst most of us are well versed in Easter food – fish on Good Friday and roast lamb on Easter Sunday and mountains of chocolate eggs in between – we don’t necessarily know which wines we should be pairing these foods with. We’ve come up with a guide to Easter wine pairings to make things easier for you this year.

What should Wine I pair with Easter Food?

Roast Lamb

easter wine pairings

Roast Lamb is the highlight of any Easter meal, and with a traditional lamb roast dinners tending to be high in salt it can be the perfect pairing to wine, making the meal taste richer and less acidic. Indulge by pairing with bold red wine such an a Bordeaux, or an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon that will beautifully complement the lamb’s strong meaty flavours.

Glazed Ham

easter wine pairings

Ham is a great alternative to lamb, New Zealand Pinot Noirs would work particularly well with sweeter glazes or ones that include star anise or five spice


easter wine pairings

If you’re following tradition and eating fish on Good Friday, try matching your fish with the right wine. Whitefish like sea bass works well with a Chablis to give you a refreshing lift. Whilst aromatic whites such as Sauvignon Blanc from Chile work well with smoked salmon.

Hot Cross Buns

easter wine pairings

If you fancy a cheeky drink with your hot cross buns, try pairing them with a sparkling demi-sec to complement the sweet spiciness.


easter wine pairings

Easter is all about the chocolate, so indulge by pairing your Easter treats with a wine that will compliment it perfectly. Bitter chocolate matches with sweet wine, while sweet chocolate matches much better with rich wine such as chardonnay.