Boozy Easter Treats worth the Hunt!

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Boozy Easter Treats worth the Hunt!

Who says that Easter Egg Hunts are just for kids? This adult-only version of the traditional Easter activity is a lot of fun, no matter how many people play. Whether you've lasted the whole of lent without a drink, or just since Saturday, throw a boozy Easter Egg Hunt as a treat for the adults. 

How to Ace a Boozy Easter Egg Hunt 

Choose a location: You can have the Easter egg hunt at a park, a backyard, or even inside your house. Make sure to choose a location that is safe and accessible for your guests.

Decide on the drinks: Choose a variety of alcoholic drinks that your guests will enjoy. You can offer cocktails, beer, wine, or any other drinks that you prefer. Make sure to have enough drinks for all of your guests.
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Purchase supplies: Buy plastic eggs, mini bottles of alcohol are a must. You could add other fun gifts like: shot glasses or a bottle stopper to some of the eggs. 
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Hide the eggs: Hide the eggs in various places throughout the location, making sure to make some easy to find and some more difficult. You can also add clues or riddles to help your guests find the eggs.

Set rules: Establish rules for the Easter egg hunt, such as how many eggs each guest can find and any other guidelines you want them to follow. You can also set rules for the drinking, such as limiting the number of drinks per guest or designating a specific area for drinking.

Have fun: Once everything is set up, let the guests loose to search for the eggs and enjoy the drinks. Encourage them to have fun and enjoy the event, but also remind them to drink responsibly.

Remember to always prioritize safety when hosting a boozy Easter egg hunt. Make sure that all guests are of legal drinking age and never let anyone drive under the influence of alcohol.

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