Baileys Heatwave Hacks.

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Baileys-Heatwave-Hacks. The Bottle Club

Hot weather getting the best of you? Worry not, we have the solution! Keep cool with these incredible Baileys heatwave hacks.


Baileys Ice Lolly Hack

Our first Baileys heatwave hack is quick, easy and delicious! Simply take an icecream lolly of your choice (homemade or store-bought!) and place it in a glass of Baileys! Not only will this cool your Baileys it's the perfect dip to booze up that ice lolly of yours! It also makes one impressive dessert to offer guests with minimal effort! 

Baileys Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream Hack

Our next hack uses the wonderful Baileys Strawberries and Cream, and is so simple you'll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner! Simply pour it over some vanilla ice cream and garnish with strawberries. We can vouch that this is the ultimate cool-down solution!

Baileys Almande Peach Smoothie 

Less of a hack and more of a recipe, but this Baileys Almande Peach Smoothie is the refreshing summer drink you've been searching for!

(serves 4):

250 ml  Baileys Almande

Plenty of Ice

350g Peaches

2 tsp. Vanilla

Blend, garnish with sliced peaches and top with almonds. 


Baileys Profiterole Madness

This indulgent summer dessert is sure to get you some brownie points from whoever you serve it to! Simply pour 50ml of Baileys in a sundae bowl, top with profiteroles, raspberry ice cream, double cream and lashings of chocolate. The ultimate cheeky pick me up!