5 Ways To Keep & Drink Your White Wine

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White wine is a staple of any cellar and is a perfect accompaniment to many different meals and occasions. Every meal deserves a good bottle of white, and as it’s so versatile and diverse in flavour there is a white wine to suit any palate.

It’s reported that the first white wine can be traced back to 7500 years ago when white wine was emerging in the Middle East and later in Ancient Greece. By the middle of the sixteenth century, wine had conquered the world and was being produced all over the globe. This continues today, and we’re now spoilt for choice with the amazing array of white wine we can choose from.

If you want to learn more about how to keep and drink your white wine all year round, take a look at our top tips on how to drink your white wine.

  • Best white wine to drink in Summer

Nothing tastes better than a crisp glass of white wine in the sunshine, and a Chardonnay is a generous and delicious grape that is great for a Summer day. The floral aromas combined with smokey oak and spice make Chardonnay a fresh and lively wine that suits a summer dinner party. Chardonnay goes brilliantly with rich foods such as crab and white fish.

Another white wine that is delicious in the summer is a crisp and dry Pinot Grigio. With a fruity aroma and a clean finish, a glass of Pinot Grigio is the perfect drink to kick off summer.

  • Best white wine to drink in Winter 

Winter is normally seen as a time for red wine, but white wine can taste great in colder weather too. For something solid with a herbaceous flair, a glass (or bottle!) of Riesling is a delightful choice. With a pure tone and lovely peachy flavours, Riesling tastes great with fusion cuisine with its aromatic spices.

  • Best white wine to have with chicken 

Anyone who likes wine will know that white wine and chicken are a perfect pair. When choosing a wine to pair with a chicken dish, a Sauvignon Blanc is an easy drinking wine that is perfect for white meats and green herbs. Something like a Mahi Sauvignon Blanc delivers flavours of lemon and lime with pepper and herbs. Plush and broad but with a harmoniously spicy taste, this Sauvignon blanc tastes great with chicken.

  • Best white wine to take to a dinner party 

White wine is always a favourite to take to a dinner party - mainly because most people enjoy it. For something that will really impress your host on their doorstep, try a Cloudy Bay Te Koko.  This bottle was released as a mature wine that’s an expression of the traditional Sauvignon Blanc grape. It delivers an aromatic taste with ripe tropical flavours and a fragrant nose of toasted nuts and nectarines. It goes well with most savoury dishes and offers something a little bit different.

  • How to store your white wine

White wine should be served cold, but not freezing - around 10 degrees Celsius will do. For this reason, white wine should be stored in the fridge if you’re thinking of drinking it rather soon. If not, then you should store white wine out of direct sunlight in a cool place. Whilst many fine white wines will keep for decades, if it’s a standard white wine then it’s a good idea to drink it within three years of purchase.

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