10 Reasons Why Flavoured Gin Is The Tipple Of The Summer

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10 Reasons Why Flavoured Gin Is The Tipple Of The Summer

As a nation we are obsessed with our Great British classic, the gin and tonic. But the world of gin is moving in delicious new directions and this summer it’s all about new flavour combinations. 

Have you tried Whitley Neill’s Strawberry and Black Pepper gin? Or how about their Brazilian Lime gin? 


Well here’s why the next drink you try should be a flavoured gin. 

 1. Go seasonal.

We all know by now how important seasonality is when it comes to our food, and there’s no difference when it comes to drinking gin. Gins including seasonal ingredients have lower food miles and allow us to enjoy tastes that naturally pair with the right time of year.

Seasonal fruit gins like Whitley Neill’s Strawberry and Black Pepper gin helps us continue our love affair with our favourite botanical drink, meaning you can confidently sip your gin knowing your beverage choices aren’t having a huge impact on our little green planet.  

2. Drink local and support craft gin producers.

Some of the best gins on the market right now are gins produced on a smaller scale, local to you. These makers have the benefit of having more opportunity to play with flavours in small batches, meaning that innovation and new flavour sensations are quite literally on your doorstep.  

Trying new flavoured gins helps keep craft producers in business, supplying you with the best spirit made from exciting new ingredients. It’s a win-win all around.

3. Flavoured gins make a modern and refreshing alternative to a cocktail.

Who needs a host of different ingredients to muddle together a cocktail when a flavoured gin does all the hard work for you?  

So grab your favourite gin, mix with a delicious tonic of your choice and you have the perfect flavour combinations without any of the hard work.  

4. Flavoured gins open your tastebuds to a whole new world.

Whether your tastes run to summer fruits, or a citrus zing, something earthy, or with a peppery kick, there is a gin out there with your name on it.  

Whatever the time of year, or however you prefer to imbibe - there is a flavoured gin that will suit what you’re doing and enhance the experience too. From a rhubarb gin and ginger ale to warm you up in winter, to a fresh, floral elderflower gin and lemonade at a garden party in the summer, to an invigorating long classic G&T at the end of a hard day’s WFH. There will always be a flavoured gin for the occasion you find yourself in.  

5. You can ditch the tonic.

Here’s the great thing about flavoured gin - you don’t need the tonic to enjoy it. 

Yes, there’s a fantastic selection of tonics on the market right now, from well-known brands to artisan makers, but you don’t always have to pair your gin with tonic.  

Flavoured gins are perfectly suited to being sipped neat with plenty of ice and garnishes, making them the classiest of choices for your next soiree. And let’s not forget the classic gin martini, the ultimate in sophistication (and the tipple of choice for the late Queen Mother) - no tonic there!

6. Flavoured gin will take you to far-flung destinations.

We may have been in lockdown for most of 2020, but flavoured gins can transport your taste buds all over the world.

No, really. 

This summer, sip on the likes of a heady olive and rosemary gin, close your eyes and dream of the Mediterranean all from the comfort and safety of your back garden. 

Or indulge in Whitley Neill’s latest Brazilian Lime gin - you could almost be on Copacabana beach.... almost. 

7. Flavoured gin makes an amazing accompaniment to food.

Gin and tonic is traditionally an aperitif, an appetite whetter (or sharpener, however you choose to approach these things). But it doesn’t have to be the preserve of pre-dinner. 

Gins are so incredibly sophisticated now that it’s very easy to pair them with your favourite food.  Take Whitley Neill’s Brazilian Lime gin for example, this is a fresh, citrus-forward gin that will make the perfect partner to a delicious barbecue or a traditional Brazilian feijoada.  

With time on your hands and a summer at home to fill, get creative with your gin and food pairing. Plus, if wine isn't your thing, flavoured gin could make a great accompaniment instead. 

8. You’ve tried every traditional gin on the market.

If you’re bored of the same old offerings and you want to mix your drinks up, now is the perfect time to experiment. We all love a classic botanical gin with it’s comforting juniper notes, but we’ve been there and done that for years and it’s time to shake things up.  

Trying new gin flavours will keep your love for this classic spirit alive and kicking. By making it your mission to try exotic new flavours means you never know what your next favourite gin will be.  

9. Flavoured gin loves prosecco (just like you).

Prosecco doesn’t just work in Bellinis, it makes a great partner for flavoured gins too. The bubbles release the flavours giving you an even deeper taste sensation and with so many new and exciting flavours of gin available, you’re in for a real treat. 

10. Flavoured gins ooze sophistication.

If you want to look distinctly sophisticated, all worldly and wise, then you’ll find flavoured gin is the perfect tipple to complete your new look. 

Much like whiskey and wine, oak-aged gins are a wonderfully complex spirit that you can unwind with whilst you discuss your innermost thoughts. 

There you have it, 10 fantastic reasons to try flavoured gin - let us know, which is your favourite?