10 of the Best Christmas Gift for the Wine, Gin, Cocktail or Whisky Lover

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10 of the Best Christmas Gift for the Wine, Gin, Cocktail or Whisky Lover

Christmas will look different this year but that doesn’t mean that the pandemic has to spoil your festive shopping spree. Online shopping means finding the best gifts for friends and family.


#1 Build your own gin gift hamper

Gin is officially the nation’s favourite spirit and that means for someone who enjoys a tipple every now and then, a gin Christmas gift set is the perfect present to have under the tree.

Building your own gift hamper for someone has a truly personal touch, something that can be missing with pre-packaged gift hampers. You can customise everything for the person it is intended for:

  • Gin flavour – flavoured gins have enjoyed huge popularity recently and so if you know the recipient is a fan of flavour, why not opt for a bramble flavoured gin or a blush pink strawberry gin?
  • Mixers – if your putting a larger bottle of gin in your customised hamper, adding plenty of mixer options is clearly key to them enjoying the first few glasses on you. For non-flavoured, dry gins, including fruity, sweeter tonics to add a little zing but for flavoured gins, add plain, high-quality tonic so that the flavour of the gin comes through with every sip
  • Add a glass or two – a wide bowl glass is ideal for gin as it allows the flavour and aromas to develop. Including a glass is a nice final touch.

#2 Wine glass charms

Inviting friends round for dinner or for drinks is something many of us love to do, when not constrained by viruses and lockdown, obviously.

Wine glass charms are inexpensive gifts but they’ll repay your investment time and again every time your friends brings them out for guests. Choose your charm, remember which one it is, attach it to the bottom of your wine or champagne glass stem and never lose your glass again!

#3 Glenfiddich 21 year old single malt scotch whisky

Admittedly, this is at the upper end of the Christmas gift budget but for that special someone, there is no denying the quality of Glenfiddich 21-year-old single malt scotch whisky.

You don’t have to be a whisk connoisseur to appreciate the finer depth and flavour of this matured whisky but for someone who does enjoy a tipple, they will appreciate the sheer elegance and quality in every drop.

#4 Ice bucket with tongs

This is one of those gifts that will become a firm staple of get-togethers and parties over the coming years. Investing in a stylish ice bucket, complete with tongs, for your friend who loves to party or enjoys making their own cocktails and mixers at home, is a worthy gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, any occasion in fact.

Simple pop the ice in and the insulated layers inside the bowl will keep the temperature as low as possible stopping ice turning to water in the blink of an eye. Sit it on a countertop at parties so that people can help themselves.  

#5 Gin advent calendar

Halfway through the list and we find ourselves back to discussing gin as a gift with merit.

The thing about gin and its current popularity is that there are so many different varieties and flavours to try that even the most dedicated of gin drinkers will find getting through them all so very difficult.

The solution lies in a fun gift that you can give as an early present just as November gives way to December – a fin advent calendar.

The same principle as a candy or chocolate filled one, your friend or relative can enjoy a little snifter of gin every evening in the run up to Christmas. Or, if drinking on a school night is frowned upon, they can save them all up to the weekend!

#6 Drinks muddler

As a Christmas stocking filler gift, this is one of those that will carry on giving, especially if the recipient is an avid cocktail mixer and shaker!

Some cocktails are shaken and others are simply stirred or muddled. This lighter combining of ingredients is essential when the flavours are more subtle and delicate. Being over-zealous with the mixing can mean flavours are lost. The muddler is the ideal gift!

#7 Electric corkscrew

Many wine producers are now turning to screw tops but there are still some traditional producers who are still using cork.

Securely wedge into the top of the wine bottle, getting the cork out without bits floating in the wine can be tough, especially if the cork is not for budging.

Corking a bottle is tough on the wrist, hand and fingers too and so the solution is an electric corkscrew. Easy to use, it safely removes the cork from several bottles of wine without any problem.

#8 Wine bottle thermometer sleeve

Sticking with wine, we come to the idea of a wine bottle thermometer sleeve. Serious wine enthusiasts know that there are many factors that enhance and effect the flavour of wine, especially the high-end, pricey good stuff. One of those factors is temperature.

White wine that is slightly chilled is wonderful but too cold and it loses punch. Red wine can be served both slightly chilled (really, it can!) although some pedigree reds prefer an ambient temperature. Rosé wine, a blush pink fruity drink popular all year round, is also best served slightly chilled.

This thermometer sleeve sits on the bottle and will let you know when the wine is at the best temperature for drinking. A simple and practical gift for the wine lover!

#9 Legend of Kremlin Vodka

The pedigree of vodka should never be underestimated and it certainly isn’t in every drop of this fine bottle of the Russian liquor, The Legend of Kremlin.

In the 15th century, it wasn’t uncommon for monks to distil vodka and this particular recipe is one that belongs to Isodore. Initially, it was the thought the recipe was lost or would be diluted by time and modernity but that isn’t the case. This is a delightful and pure vodka, the perfect gift for someone who has an appreciate palate.

#10 Gin baubles

And finally, the gin-filled baubles for the Christmas are not only perfect as a gift but great for your tree too. Treat yourself!