Tatanka Cocktail Recipe

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Tatanka Cocktail Recipe

In Poland, bison grass vodka is most commonly served with apple juice in a cocktail called the polish drink Tatanka, featuring Żubrówka. The name Żubrówka stems from the words for “bison grass” in Polish, Belarusian and Russian. We know what you're thinking: how tf do I pronounce that?! We got you, it's pronounced "zoo-broov-ka," and the grass itself contains a chemical called coumarin which, apart from being used to flavour tobacco and cakes (among other things), also has certain medicinal value, such as being a blood thinner. Healthy vodka? Check.

While the apple juice does add a lot of sweetness, the classic polish drink features a refreshing and flavourful fresh juice which isn't too syrup-like. The natural sugar from the juice, combined with the botanical and nutty flavors from the vodka combine perfectly.

Prep time: 1 Minute

Nutrition: 162 Calories

Servings: 1


  • Ice Cubes
  • 45 ml Bison Grass Flavoured Vodka
  • 120 ml Apple Juice, Fresh Pressed
  • 1 Pinch Cinnamon


  1. Shake all ingredients with ice in a shaker.
  2. Pour into an ice-filled glass.

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