Brandy Smash Cocktail Recipe

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Brandy Smash Cocktail Recipe

The brandy smash is among the oldest mixed drinks. It is such a classic that it was created around the 1830s and saw its heyday during the Civil War. An excellent alternative to drinking brandy alone, this timeless drink is incredibly simple.

Like the old-fashioned, "smash" cocktails are short drinks that gently enhance a shot of liquor with complementary flavors. In the case of the brandy smash, mint and sugar are mixed with a muddler, and the brandy drink is served on the rocks. It's actually a lot like the mint julep (which likely inspired the smash drinks) and can be made with brandy, whiskey, or gin.

With any cocktail that's been around for nearly 200 years, you should expect that there are several ways to make it. Modern recipes tend to include soda (though not so much to make a brandy and soda), while older recipes skip that ingredient or use a splash of water. You can use sugar or simple syrup, add as much mint as you like, or bring lemons into the mix. The drink can also be built in the glass or shaken then strained.

Prep time: 3 Minutes

Nutrition: 202 Calories

Servings: 1


  • 4 to 6 fresh mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon superfine sugar
  • 1/2 ounce club soda
  • 2 ounces brandy
  • Orange slice, for garnish
  • Maraschino cherry, for garnish
  • Mint sprig, for garnish


  1. Gather the ingredients. 
  2. In an old-fashioned glass, muddle mint, sugar, and club soda until sugar is dissolved.
  3. Fill glass with ice cubes or cracked ice. Add brandy and stir well.
  4. Garnish with an orange slice, cherry, and mint. Serve and enjoy.

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