Ron de Jeremy Reserva, 70 cl

Ron de Jeremy Reserva, 70 cl

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"Ron" is the Spanish word for rum, and Ron de Jeremy is an exquisite rum that is distilled in Panama to honour the legendary Ron Jeremy, the famous adult entertainment star who gained a cult following by having appeared in hundreds of adult films since the 1970's.Ron de Jeremy calls itself "The Adult Rum" which is not only a reference to its name patron but also the rum's age: Ron de Jeremy is aged for seven years before it is expertly crafted by master distiller Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez. Its harmonious notes of fruit, oak and spice are perfectly complemented by hints of vanilla and raw sugarcane on the long, smooth finish.Ron de Jeremy was awarded a gold medal at the Madrid Rum Conference in June 2012 and another gold medal at the SIP Awards in California one month later. Read more.

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Each box can comfortably fit two regular sized 70 & 75 cl bottles along with a few other goodies! Box Dimensions: 197 × 330mm × 101mm

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    Obviously impressed by his widespread appeal, One Eyed Spirits decided that he would be the perfect ambassador and inspiration for a new rum brand: Ron de Jeremy. Its founders describe starting the company from a simple little idea; the Spanish word for rum is ‘ron’ and only one is appropriately larger than life enough to base a spirit on; Ron Jeremy.

    Tasting Notes

    Hints of vanilla and raw sugarcane on the long

    Painkiller Cocktail Recipe

    So the legend goes, the Painkiller cocktail was invented in the 1970’s in the British Virgin Islands at a bar called Soggy Dollar Bar. It was originally made with Pusser’s Rum, a type of rum made using the British Royal Navy recipe. The drink was trademarked in the 1980’s so that if it’s included on a menu, it should include the traditional Pusser’s Rum. Of course if you’re making it at home, you can use any type of aged or dark rum - we won't tell anyone! Many rum cocktails use white rum or dark rum. But the Painkiller cocktail uses a whole other category of this liquor: aged rum or golden rum! Aging rum for a few years gives it a complex flavor. Golden rum can have notes of vanilla, coconut, almond, citrus, or caramel. The aged rum that we used here was Brugal Añejo Rum. Can’t find golden or aged rum or don’t have it on hand? You can substitute dark rum and the drink will work. You can also use white rum, but it’s not quite the same for this classic drink.

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