Premium Wines (mixed 6 case)

Premium Wines (mixed 6 case)

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 Case contains:  1 x Mahi Sauvignon Blanc  1 x Janine & Dominique Sancerre  1 x  Maison Williams Chase, 75 cl  1 x Mas de Cadenet St Victoire  1 x Adoro Red Wine  1 x Post House Penny Black   Read more.

    Premium Wines (mixed 6 case)



    Compare and contrast as my teacher used to say in this case it's New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc vs Sancerre whilst both red wines mainly use Shiraz but this time it's France vs South Africa with the brilliantly named Penny Black. Whilst both Roses comes from Provence, one is made by an English team and the other couldn't be more French.


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