NAUD XO Cognac, 70 cl

NAUD XO Cognac, 70 cl

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Made at NAUD's famous 'hidden distillery' which is on an island in the middle of a wood in the Cognac region of France. NAUD are a family firm who are now run by Jean-Michel and Pierre Naud. This medal-winning XO is made using some of the rarest and oldest spirits from the family's extensive stock: NAUD boasts 10 cellars and over 5,500 Limousin oak barrels. That's a whole lotta Cognac! But that's not all, as well as Cognac, they also produce an amazing variety of other spirits including gin, a wheat vodka, rum and a spiced rum. Read more.

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    Guarded behind thick walls, below roof tiles blackened by the Angel’s Share, the « Paradis » shelters the oldest qualities of the family’s reserve. The mysterious alchemy between the alcohol, the air and the wood, happens during a long aging process in French oak casks, carefully selected for the finesse of their tannins.

    Tasting Notes

    A deep amber coloured spirit, it's really showing some beautiful mature notes of dried orange and apricot, dates, cinnamon and leather. This would be a cigar smoker's dream Cognac.

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