Luc Belaire Gold, 75 cl

Luc Belaire Gold, 75 cl

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Where better to source Chardonnay from (for this is exclusively made from that grape) than Burgundy? And this is exactly what the team at Luc Belaire have done. This is light, dry and refreshing being based around citrus flavours and a subtle flowery nose. Read more.


    Established in 1868 Maison Belaire has always strived to show the best of France. Consequently (and quite unusually) they are not tied to one single area or indeed a particular region. Instead they create their Rose in Provence much famed for producing Rose wines and produce the Blanc using only Chardonnay and in Burgundy, home to the classic Chardonnay wines of Chablis. The philosophy is simple- use the grapes where they best originate from to make good quality refreshing wines.

    Tasting Notes

    Light and refreshing

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