Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky, 20 cl

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky, 20 cl

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This iconic whisky now presented in a smaller bottle version which we rather like here. The whisky remains highly complex being created from some exceptionally rare whiskies. Our tasting notes include an incredible range of flavours, including hazelnuts, citrus fruit and subtle pepper and spices. A huge treat that will never be anything other than extraordinary. Read more.

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    Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whisky, 20 cl


    John Walker clearly wasn't a sentimental man. Within a year of his Father dying (in 1819) he had sold the family's farm and set up his own Grocery Store. His business acumen was never in question though and the store went from strength to strength. He was also frustrated by the quality inconsistencies of Malt Whiskies available at the time. This simply wasn't good enough for him and so soon the store saw an addition to its shelves- his own blended whisky.

    Tasting Notes

    Rich and smoky

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