Glenkinchie 12yo Malt Whisky
Glenkinchie 12yo Malt Whisky

Glenkinchie 12yo Malt Whisky

The 12yo is quite a subtle whisky so perhaps one to offer to the newly initiated. Light fruit and citrus flavours make this a more accessible whisky.

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  • Brand Glenkinchie
  • Product Description

    John & George Rate decided to add distillation to their farming skills back in 1837 and to some early success. However, that proved to be short lived with the distillery closing in 1853 until it could be re-opened by a consortium (if such a word existed then) of businesses in 1880. Not even the 2nd World War could close its doors after that! If you would like to visit, it's a very short journey (if not quite a stone's throw) from Edinburgh so convenient if you are visiting the city.

    Tasting Notes

    Light and approachable