Cinzano Prosecco NV, 75 cl

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1 x Cinzano Prosecco NV, 75 cl

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Cinzano Prosecco NV, 75 cl

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Looking for something special to toast to that special occasion? Then look no further than Cinzano Prosecco NV. From the world-renowned Cinzano family, this elegant wine is sure to make any moment memorable.Crafted in Italy's Veneto region from the finest Glera grapes, Cinzano Prosecco NV has a delicate yet complex flavour that is perfect for any celebration. Whether you're sipping it on its own or using it to create a stunning cocktail, this Prosecco is sure to please.So raise a glass and enjoy the good life with Cinzano Prosecco NV. Salute! Read more.

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