Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum, 70 cl

Cabal No. 1513 Aged Rum, 70 cl

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Experience an expression of authentic rum, a 100% natural rum. No added sugar, no artificial colouring, no unnatural flavourings and non-chill filtered to preserve all of the naturally occurring tasting notes.Cabal No.1513 comprises carefully selected aged rums, sourced from renowned distilleries in Guatemala, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and Panama. All are made using a combination of pot and column distillation techniques. The blend is then finished in hand-selected Pedro Ximénez casks in Speyside, Scotland, for up to 5 months. Nothing artificial is added at any stage. Read more.


    To ensure they are exceptional, we require our rums to be tested and approved by an independent collective – The Cabal.

    The Cabal is our community of consumers and experts. Intrigued by rum’s truth, taste and possibilities, they help us explore liquid combinations and select the most extraordinary.

    Tasting Notes

    Woody fig, tangles with barbecued pineapple and deep caramel tones

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