Bollinger RD Champagne 2007 Gift Box, 75 cl

Bollinger RD Champagne 2007 Gift Box, 75 cl

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Highly limited and iconic Champagne. Bollinger simply describe this 2007 release as bold & vibrant but go on to add that the Champagne is lively and clean with notes of white plum, walnuts and aniseed. Like every other release this is much anticipated by Champagne lovers!

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    Nicknamed 'Bolly' by devotees who view this independent family-owned brand( founded in 1829) as the 'aristocrat of champagne', the House of Bollinger, with its uncompromising rich and powerful style of classic Pinot-dominant champagnes offering great potential longevity and complexity, is known to have 'a certain idea of champagne' based on proud family traditions. Bollinger's rigorous approach to champagne-making centres around using only the first pressing of high quality grapes from vineyards in the Marne.

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    Bold & vibrant.

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