Appleton Estate Rum Jamaican Jazz Series

Appleton Estate Rum Jamaican Jazz Series

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Appleton Estate rum celebrates the influence of Jamaica on the British Jazz scene with this limited edition 4-box set. Each box features 12" vinyl from jazz artists Moses Boyd, cktrl, Theon Cross and Demae. With delicious Appleton Estate Jamaica rum, cups and cocktails.Each box will be sent out incrementally in the month it was created for. First box in September, second in October etc.If ordered before 31/10/2021 you will receive your September and October box and the remaining two in the subsequent months thereafter. Read more.

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    Appleton Estate Rum Jamaican Jazz Series


    This highly collectable, limited edition, rum and jazz vinyl 4-box series reveals how young jazz musicians in Britain today are inspired through their connection to Jamaica. Each Appleton Estate Jamaican Jazz Series box unlocks a unique jazz and flavourful rum experience. On a voyage of discovery, you’ll taste delicious, premium aged rum, listen to great music and learn why the raw beauty of the jazz musicians' craft and that of Appleton Estate Rum are so closely related.

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    Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. Crafted in the heart of Jamaica. Ideal for sipping or enjoying in elegant cocktails.

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    About Appleton Estate

    Appleton Estate is rooted in Jamaican tradition; the spirit of our people not only refines our rum, but also defines who we are. That’s why our Insignia is made of five iconic Jamaican emblems blended together, telling a unique story made of passion, dedication and joy.

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