Akashi Red Blended Whisky, 50 cl

Akashi Red Blended Whisky, 50 cl

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Akashi Red is made at the Eigashima (aka White Oak) distillery, which was founded in 1888. Produced by Akashi, this is a light and fruity whisky with notes of peach, almond and grape. Read more.

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    The White Oak Distillery is owned by Eigashima Shuzo, home of the Akashi brand, who have nearly 100 years of whisky-making experience in Japan, but actually date back as far as 1679. Located in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture, it’s an area regarded for clean air and water and its close proximity to Osaka, overlooking the picturesque Seto Inland Sea. In fact, it is the only distillery in Japan to situated by the coast.

    Tasting Notes

    Peach, almond and grape

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