Inviting people over without having a few treats to munch on is a rookie mistake. And while most of your friends might politely decline refreshments, things will look a lot different when you put a bowl of Haribo in front of them. We guarantee, before you can say ‘Tangfastics’, at least three people will adorn their fingers with gummy rings and start the serious business of trading cola bottles for love hearts.

Haribos aren’t the only game in town though, especially when you start exploring ‘alcohol-flavoured gummies’ – quite possibly the biggest breakthrough ever in the world of sweets. If you think Wine Gums are the pinnacle of that category, well, sorry to say it, but you’re just plain wrong. Gourmet brands like Sugar Sin are infusing their gummies with real rosé and daiquiri essence to get as close as possible to the original flavour. To get your hands on the perfect party snack, shop our Delicious Sweets collection right here – mixing and matching is more than welcome.

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