Ice Trays

Ice is serious business, you know. Yet we can’t all be blessed with one of those fridges with the awesome ice dispenser in the front. So it’s Ice Trays to the rescue! Our online shop has a whole host of fun, practical, and luxury options just for you, so click on through and take a look.

You’ll find options for fun shaped frozen blocks, standard square cubes, and even swanky ice buckets. The pièce de résistance, though, has got to be the choice of spherical moulds. If you’ve ever had a neat cocktail like an Old Fashioned, a Negroni, or a Sazerac in a top end cocktail bar, chances are it came with one large, slow-melting solid sphere of ice in the glass. With no chance of melting and over-diluting your precisely constructed cocktail, the benefits of the sphere are no longer exclusive to expensive bars. Grab a sphere mould online today, fill it from the tap, pop it in the freezer, and enjoy that perfect slow-sipper from the comfort of your own home.