Consider this, to make wine at all, the first thing you need to do is harvest the juice from ripe bunches of grapes. From the moment the skins of freshly picked grapes are broken, the race against oxygen begins. From fermentation to bottling, winemakers work hard with both modern and traditional techniques to control how little oxygen is allowed to come into contact with the unfinished wine. Oxygenation spoils wine quickly, so why the need to decant some wines before we drink them? After all that hard work from the winemaker to keep oxygen out?

Deeply tannic and aged red wines are the most commonly decanted drinks. They brood in their cellars for years, their bottles gathering dust and spiderwebs. Coming back out into the world they just need a little TLC, and - somewhat counterintuitively - it’s oxygen that does the trick, like a diver coming up for air. Decanting ensures that you get the best experience from your best bottles. Choose your Decanter today from The Bottle Club online shop.