Cocktail Making Kits & Gift Sets

As you know, there’s a perfect cocktail out there for everyone. But ‘out there’ isn’t always where you’re at right now. It’s always baffled us here at The Bottle Club that the biggest obstacle to creating your own perfect cocktail at home seems to be getting hold of the right gear. A shaker here, a strainer there, try the shop on the other side of town for a stirring spoon. What a faff! Well, we’re nothing if not problem solvers, so, with great pleasure, we cordially invite you to shop our online collection of Cocktail Making sets.

We’ve got everything you need just a click away, with premium sets in the VonShef/Beautify collection, everyday options from Barcraft and fantastic value options from Beaumont. Whether you’re buying a gift for a budding mixologist, hosting a Daiquiri night with your besties, or tooling-up to blend your old fashioneds just the way you like them, everything you need is right here.