Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur, 50 cl

Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur, 50 cl

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This might look like a gimmick but it most definitely is not. Yes, you need a sweet tooth but the white chocolate liqueur sits perfectly on top of the darker coffee liqueur (so long as you pour them in the right order!) and tastes just as you would expect. The bottles, by the way, are made exclusively for Sheridan’s being fused in France. Read more.

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    I’m old enough (sadly) to remember Sheridan’s arriving on the market back in 1994 as part of an effort by Baileys to diversify their product offering. I’m not sure it has ever quite climbed the same sales levels, but it is definitely very well presented in its unique bottle and has a lovely flavor to boot.

    Tasting Notes

    Sweet coffee and white chocolate liqueur

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