Tropical Vibes

Every bottle of Tropical Vibes has a hit of Caribbean sunshine in it. Bursting with fruit and flavour, these small fruity beverages pack a serious punch – a fruit punch to be exact. Shop this section for a little taste of summer, whether you’re after an afternoon pick-me-up or a playful mixer.
Tropical Vibes offer an impressive variety of sun-soaked flavours, ranging from the nine exotic fruit Originals to the seven Citrus Dons. They’ve recently ventured deeper into the world of sour ingredients too, giving birth to the ‘Sours’ collection, an explosion of sweet and sour sensations that work wonders as additions to tropical cocktails. And if you consider yourself blessed with zest, try any of the Tropical Vibes lemonades, designed to seamlessly blend lemonade with extravagant tropical mixtures that completely transform an average lemonade drinking experience. Tropical vibes are available as singles and cheeky multipacks, perfect for nights in or social gatherings.

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