Miniature Packs

The secret life of miniatures is yours to explore. This is the place to shop for packs of single-serve favourites, but we also want to serve you a few fascinating facts about the format.
Alcohol miniatures, or aeroplane bottles as they’re sometimes called, are miniature versions of alcoholic drinks. They first appeared in the nineteenth century, before the Wright brothers even dreamed of flying, and they were mostly used as samples by liquor salesmen. After the Prohibition though, the States had to be re-introduced to alcohol and miniatures became popular. All liquors can be served in them – vodka, whiskey, rum, gin, and many others. The bottles are indisputably cute and come in various shapes and sizes, which contributes to their popularity. They are perfect for party favours, stocking fillers, or picnic baskets. Our alcohol miniature collection is always evolving, but you’ll always find a variety of customer favourites. So why settle for one, when you can grab a whole pack and share the fun?

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