Love Cocoa

Gotta love a bit of chocolate – even more so when it’s infused with your favourite tipple. That’s what Love Cocoa are all about; they take the finest cocoa beans and make superb chocolate, then, more often than not, they take it a step further with mouthwatering boozy infusions.
Love Cocoa was founded by James Cadbury, the great grandson of the creator of the Cadbury. James’ mission was to create delicious luxury chocolate, made in the United Kingdom, sourced, and produced responsibly. That’s no easy feat, but Love Cocoa have made it work and are now one of the fastest-growing chocolate brands in the UK. You’ll find all the classic favourites in the Love Cocoa range – from milk and dark chocolate bars, through to truffles and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. But where their creations really shine are the Boozy Chocolate Truffles and Bars, which enrich the chocolate with either Champagne or Gin flavours. The stylish Art Deco packaging isn’t too shabby either. So treat yourself and buy a sweet treat from our Love Cocoa collection now – your favourite flavour could be just around the corner.

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