Highland Park

For the first thirty years of its existence, Highland Park was distilled in secrecy. Founder Magnus Eunson worked and refined his craft for decades before receiving official recognition in 1826, and permission to work in the open. The result? An extraordinary whisky.

Highland Park is often wrongly attributed to the Highlands because of its name. It's actually brewed in the Orkney Islands, benefitting from the relatively steady temperatures – perfect for maturing Scotch. Plus, the local peat is richer in heather than many other Scottish peats. But what does that mean for the whisky? Well, it turns out that Magnus was right to persist. Highland Park has been named ‘The Best Spirit in the World’ by critics on three occasions, and has received a 100-point score at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. And because the Orkney Islands’ history is intertwined with the Danish Vikings’, Highland Park whisky also displays some beautiful Viking-themed labels. Shop the range, from the 12 Year Old Single Malt to the illustrious 40 Year Old online right here.

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