Elm Spring

Elm Spring Mineral Water is a fantastic-value water brand bringing some much needed humour to the party. In their own words, their mission is to be “Refreshingly honest”, and that’s just what they do. Elm Spring make no bones about the simplicity of their product. They also believe, as do we, that simplicity is their greatest strength. The mineral water comes from a natural spring in the Staffordshire Hills and is pure as you like.

Shop online now from the Elm Spring range of bottled mineral water, which comes either still or sparkling, in a range of sizes, and in either glass or plastic bottles. This makes Elm Spring a perfect option for all kinds of different occasions, from needing a small bottle of water to chuck in your backpack for a train journey or hike, to formal workplace or domestic settings, where a more aesthetically pleasing glass bottle is the order of the day.

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