Claiming to be Australia’s favourite root beers are big shoes to fill, but Bundaberg Brewed Drinks are proud to be just that. All their non-alcoholic beers are craft brewed from family recipes handed down through the generations, based in the small town that shares its name.
Born in 1968, the Bundaberg owners had a lightbulb moment. They knew Australia, and later the world, needed craft brewed premium non-alcoholic beverages. By using old brewing methods and high-quality ingredients including real roots, fruits, herbs and spices, you’ll find non-alcoholic beer that ticks all the boxes. These guys are the real deal, with their brewers leaving each batch to brew for three days before serving it up, so you get to keep all that flavour in the bottle.
Whether you choose a Bundaberg Ginger Beer or Bundaberg Root Beer, you’ll be treated for a unique taste sensation. Before you pop open a bottle, hold it upside down and take a look at pieces of real brewed ginger or root pieces that form the flavour-filled drink.