Millennial Pink - The Drink Pink Movement

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Millennial Pink - The Drink Pink Movement

Whilst it might seem far-fetched now, pink hasn't always been so popular! 2014 is the year it all started to come up rosé, in fact, the infatuation was so intense during the summer of 2014 there was even a shortage in the Hamptons! As pink gained popularity, Pantone named rose quartz as one of its colours of the year in 2016 and from then on millennial pink was inescapable. From clothing and home decor to food and drink,  you can’t escape the pink movement - and frankly, why would you want to?

The trend of drinking pink is no longer just a fad, it's a movement that has continued to gain popularity. Unlike other trends that seem to have lost momentum (remember when freakshakes were THE thing?) the drink pink movement has shown no signs of slowing down. Rosé is a way of life.

Why the popularity in pink drinks?

There are many reasons why the drink pink movement has taken over. One overarching reason is the connotations attached to the drink pink trend. Pink is more than a colour nowadays, it’s a lifestyle, the colour pink conjures the thought of sunny afternoons, expensive holidays, free-spiritedness. And let's face it, millennial pink is super instagramable.

Other wines just don’t have the same associations, reds are heavy, whilst white wine is considered something your mother might drink. When you think of rosé you think of day drinking, lavish parties, picnics and poolside drinking - an aspirational life that we too can have a piece of just by drinking the pink stuff. Its lightness lends itself perfectly to day drinking making it the go-to lifestyle drink.

Another reason for its popularity - Millennials and their bank accounts. Millennials as a whole are pretty poor and rosé is generally a cheap option. Rosé can be produced quicker, cheaper and more efficiently than any other wine, making it more accessible than other wine - you can get a ‘good’ rose much cheaper than what it might cost to get a ‘good’ red or white.

Other wines also have a history that millennials rebel against, the snobbish history and knowledge attached to wine drinking puts millennials off. Rosé doesn't come with the expectation that you should know lots before drinking it.

Is drinking pink a fad?

Drinking pink is no longer just a summer flirtation, it's a movement that isn’t going away, with the power of pink constantly increasing due to its association with fun and easy drinking.  Whilst it still only makes up about 10% of wine sales that figure is growing year on year, and what it lacks in volume it definitely makes up for in style.

And it’s not just rosé in the drink pink movement anymore, anything and everything pink is gaining in popularity, pink gin, pink Baileys, pink tequila. The world is finally giving us what we want - all things pink! And we for one are not complaining, in this Instagram era that we are living in looks are just as important as taste now - for better or worse the pink movement is here to stay.