Fresher's week ready? How to play Pub Golf

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Fresher's week ready? How to play Pub Golf

Introducing Pub Golf: The Ultimate Freshers' Week Adventure!

Forget everything you know about typical icebreakers—this is the ultimate combo of sips and swings that'll make your Freshers' Week a hole-in-one. Ready to sip, score, and socialize? Here's how to ace this legendary game like a pro.
The player with the lowest total score at the end of the game earns the coveted title of Pub Golf Champion! This prestigious honor guarantees bragging rights for the entire semester and, of course, epic stories to share with friends and classmates.


  • Gather Your Crew: Assemble your squad of fellow freshers, classmates, or anyone looking for a good time. The more, the merrier!
  • Choose Your Course: Select a list of pubs or bars in your university town. These will be your "holes" for the evening.
  • Dress to Impress: Get your golf attire on point! Think loud polos, visors, and plaid pants – the crazier, the better.
  • How to Play: Grab your scorecards 'cause we're turning pub crawlin' into a full-on sport. Every bar you visit is a ‘hole’, and your drinks are your clubs—let's tee off!
    Point System: At each boozy pitstop, you've got to finish your drink in specific number of sips or ‘shots’. Before teeing off, decide what ‘club’ to use and the 'par' for the hole that's your gulp' goal! For example, if hole 1 is a par of 5, and your club is a pint of Guinness, you need to finish your drink in 5 sips.
    Custom Rules and Penalties: Now it’s time to create your own penalty ideas. We’ve put some ideas below for you! For instance, you might introduce a 'water hazard' at bar number 3, where a bathroom break incurs an additional stroke on your scorecard. At another bar, you might set a high par, encouraging participants to strategise and save room for a drink at that specific stop.
  • Prizes: At the end of your Pub Golf adventure, award prizes to the lowest-scoring golfer (the "Tiger Woods" of the night) and the best-dressed player.
  • Safety First: Always drink responsibly and know your limits. Make sure everyone has a safe way to get home.


  • 5 shot penalty for throwing up in a toilet (inc tactical chunder)
  • 2 shot penalty for entering a water hazard (going to a toilet on a hole where it is not allowed)
  • 1 shot penalty for excessive accidental spilling
  • 5 shot penalty for deliberately spilling excusably
  • 10 shot penalty for avoiding a hole
  • Expulsion from the game for cheating.
  • 20 shot penalty for being kicked off the course at any hole (kicked out of a pub)


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