Black History Month: Raise a glass to Black-Owned Brands

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Black History Month is not just a month. It's a movement, a moment, and most importantly, a recognition of the rich cultural, entrepreneurial, and historical contributions of Black individuals and communities worldwide. As we commemorate this significant month, we're giving a toast (or two) to some of our top black-owned alcohol brands that have left indelible marks on the spirits world. Dive into these liquid legacies and get to know the stories behind each bottle.

Wha Gwan: A Sip of Sunshine from Jamaica
Founder David Mills, rooted deeply in Jamaican heritage, introduced the world to Wha Gwan's rum-based tonic in 2021. Rapidly gaining fame with its delectable 17.2% ABV Melon Cherry flavor, Wha Gwan radiates positivity, championing good vibes and celebrating its Jamaican roots in every pour.

Equiano: A Tribute to Freedom
Inspired by the remarkable life of Olaudah Equiano, who transformed from a slave to a trailblazing advocate for freedom, Equiano Rum is the first of its kind – a blend of African and Caribbean essence. With every purchase, Equiano honours its namesake's legacy, donating a portion of its profits to support projects championing freedom and equality.

D'USSÉ VSOP: Modern Sophistication, Age-Old Spirit
Crafted by the visionary Shawn "JAY-Z" Carter in collaboration with cellar master Michel Casavecchia, D'USSÉ Cognac stands as a symbol of refinement and cultural revolution. Born in Château de Cognac, one of France's most ancient Cognac houses, D'USSÉ represents the future of Cognac, intertwining values of authenticity, boldness, and heritage.

Appleton Estate: Jamaica's Liquid Gold 
Appleton Estate is not just rum; it's a 270-year-old Jamaican legacy. Birthed in the enchanting Nassau Valley, its flavors are enhanced by natural water filtration, local sugar cane, and Jamaica's exceptional terroir. The blue label captures the heart of Jamaica, symbolizing the pristine waters and expansive skies that have watched over generations of rum-making.

Red Stripe Beer: More Than a Drink, It's an Era 
Originating in 1918, Red Stripe Beer has grown to become synonymous with Jamaican pride and culture. Over the years, it has expanded its horizons, cementing its iconic status in the global beverage sector. With its deep connection to music and events like the Q Awards and the BRIT Awards, Red Stripe embodies the rhythm, joy, and spirit of Jamaica.

Celebrate Black History Month by exploring and supporting these brands, each bottle a testament to resilience, innovation, and culture.