Henry Weston Vintage Rose Dry cider, 500 ml

Henry Weston Vintage Rose Dry cider, 500 ml

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Medium rose cider which is smooth and rounded with a long fruity finish Read more.

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    In 1880 Henry Weston first started crafting cider from bittersweet apples on his farm in Herefordshire. Over many years he refined the art of cider making, and today Henry Westons is produced only from apples from a single year's harvest. Our vintage ciders are always slowly matured, and spend time in traditional oak vats, which ensures an exceptional taste.
    H. Weston

    Look: Blush & Sparkling
    Aroma: Apple Blossom
    Finish: Smooth & Rounder
    Taste: Medium

    Tasting Notes

    Apple Blossom

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