Diplomatico Mantuano Reserva Rum, 70 cl - The Bottle Club
Diplomatico Mantuano Reserva Rum, 70 cl - The Bottle Club

Diplomatico Mantuano Reserva Rum, 70 cl

Mantuano is the replacement for Diplomatico's reserva rum. Mantuano, meaning 'Nobleman', reflects Don Juancho's status and his passion (particularly for Rum). The Rum itself is aged for up to eight years, Mantuano is a blend of column, batch kettle and pot still rums and made from molasses and sugar cane honeys. Nose is thick, heavy and sweet - like wading through molasses. With some time, black treacle, cherries and millionaire's shortbread come through, wrapped in sweet liquorice and milk chocolate. The palate is spicier than expected from the nose, but rich and oily in texture. Cinnamon and nutmeg lead into sharper notes of polished oak before caramel sauce, soft toffees and hints of balancing bitter barrel char. Finish with soft and sweet with herbal hints slowly fading to leave spicy oak. Dark and richly flavoured with a texture to match - oily and sticky.

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  • Brand Diplomatico
  • Product Description

    It is the face of Don Juancho Nieto Melendez that appears on the labels of Diplomatico's wonderful range of Rums and is the inspiration behind the distillery being set up in what is unarguably the stunning setting of the Planas Valley, sitting at the foot of the Andes. He is said to have travelled extensively and built up a collection of spirits referred to as the 'Ambasador's Reserves'. Diplomatico rums tend to be a blend of sugar cane molasses and honeys. The molasses produce their lighter rums whilst the sugar cane honey will be used for the more complex styles.

    Tasting Notes

    Sweetness tempered by gentle notes of oak and char.