Baileys Colada Irish Cream Liqueur Case, 6 x 70 cl

Baileys Colada Irish Cream Liqueur Case, 6 x 70 cl

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Baileys' brand new, limited edition, Baileys Colada blends our irresistible Original Irish Cream with the flavours of coconut & sweet pineapples to create a smooth & creamy drink. Simply enjoy a 50ml measure over ice, or for extra indulgence, drizzle 50ml of Baileys Colada over vanilla ice cream. Better yet, whip up a Baileys Colada Cocktail by blending 50ml of Baileys Colada with a handful of pineapple and ice - delish! This limited time only flavour is perfect to enjoy at home, come rain or shine... Baileys Colada is like summer in a bottle! Available while stock lasts. Read more.

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    Baileys is the original and still the most-popular Irish cream liqueur worldwide. Over 2,000 glasses are enjoyed every minute around the globe. Drawing on Irish traditions and knowledge in distilling and dairy, the combination of triple-distilled Irish whiskey and rich, luxurious Irish cream took over four years to perfect.

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    Baileys has gone tropical and we're here for it!

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