Multiple Addresses Shipping From A Single Order.

Let's face it, the pandemic has changed how we interact and bond with people around us a great deal. Celebrations of all kinds have moved online and so we realised the need to have a convenient service in place that allows you to send bottles to your entire troop from a single order. Learn more about the ability to send items to multiple addresses from a single order.

How does it work?

Our multi-address shipping option is quite simple and intuitive to use. This is how you would go about it:

Step 1: Log in or create an account with us.

Step 2: Pick your items and add them to cart.

Step 3: Go to cart.

Step 4: Click on the ‘SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES’ button.

Step 5: For each product, select or add an address from the drop down and enter the desired quantity (Shipping charges apply to each location).

Step 6: Once you’re happy with your selection, click continue.

Step 7: Choose your delivery method for each address.

Step 8: Click checkout and complete your purchase.

Step 9: Sit back and wait for your delicious delivery to arrive.

It's that simple. Enjoy!


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