Rum Decanters

A welcome nod to the ornamental traditions of the past, and a reminder that not everything has to be practical to be worthwhile in this fast-paced world - spirit decanters have a way of bringing a sense of ritual and gravity to any occasion. We can’t think of a single reason why this doesn’t extend to serving rum, as well as more traditionally decanted drinks like whiskey and wine. Afterall, appreciation of the finer qualities of the world’s great rums is a trend that is only going one direction, with rum brands focusing more and more on quality, consistency, and provenance with every passing year.

Decanters are just as suited to the boardroom as the games room, so if you’ve ever seen drinks being poured from a glass decanter in a film and wondered how nice it must feel to remove a heavy glass stopper from a decanter, instead of fiddling with a tedious cork, or, worse still, a flimsy screw cap, perhaps today’s the day you level-up your rum game, and buy yourself a Rum Decanter from our online shop.