Pilsner Beer

Somewhere along the way, lager has picked up a reputation for being somewhat bland. Up step Pilsner, or Pils as it’s sometimes called. At those times when other boring, flavourless lagers won’t do, and the thought of another palette-numbingly hoppy pale ale is enough to turn you T-total, it’s time to reach for a Pilsner.

This historic style of pale lager is steeped in pride and tradition, having first been brewed in 1842, in the Bavarian town of Pilsen that gives the style its name. The story goes that brewer Josef Groll created the style in response to the town’s problem with batches of beer that would spoil before anyone could drink them. Groll’s solution was to add the local Saaz hop variety to the recipe. The Saaz hops not only solved the spoilage problem with their preservative qualities, but also brought a refreshingly bitter, peppery edge to the flavour. This uber-refreshing, fragrant style of lager is just what you’ll get when you shop online from our range of Pilsners.