Fortified & Other Wines

There’s only one wine you need to complement your cheese boards or fancy desserts and that’s a fortified wine. Whether you favour a port, Marsala, vermouth or sherry, this wonderful range of sweet wines all have a distilled spirit, usually brandy, added to them, to provide a distinct and complex taste. So sometimes you may be able to taste mixed nuts, vanilla, spices and even toffee.
If you’re ready to impress your guests at dinner parties, we’ve got a vast range of fortified wines to buy and try. You won’t go wrong with a 30-year aged tawny port of Graham’s or a Barbadillo full dry sherry for starters. If you want to be extra fancy, opt for a Blanco vermouth (you read that right, you can get a white fortified wine!) from Oscar 697. Whichever you choose, you’ll be the certified wine expert of the dinner table in no time.