Smirnoff Gold Guide

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Smirnoff Gold Guide

Smirnoff Gold was created to add a little bit of luxury to the spirit market, and to bring Smirnoff Vodka into the premium arena. With beautiful bits of gold leaf suspended within their signature vodka, Smirnoff Gold offers something a little different.

The idea of drinking gold can seem strange to some people - however, it’s actually been popular for centuries. The Egyptians were known to drink it for medicinal purposes, whilst more recently Gold Spirits have been produced in Poland since the 1500s.

Smirnoff has successfully created a glistening gold vodka with a subtle cinnamon flavour, which goes well in many a cocktail. Not only will your drink look divine, but it will also taste special too!


Smirnoff Gold Myths

  • The gold leafs cut your insides
  • Not true. When Smirnoff first brought out their Gold Vodka there was a rumour that the gold leaf cut drinker’s throats and stomachs. This was supposed to allow more alcohol into their bloodstream thereby helping them feel the effects of the drink quicker. However, this is a total myth and definitely not true.

  • It’s not real gold
  • False - the Gold in Smirnoff Gold is real gold. The incredibly fine sheets of gold are thin 23-carat gold leaf, which creates a glistening look that is completely safe to consume.

  • The Gold leafs sink to the bottom of your glass
  • Don’t panic - you’re not in danger of choking on a backlog of gold that has been left at the end of your glass. The gold is specially designed to float in liquid, so your drink stays golden and is balanced throughout your drink.

    Top Smirnoff Gold Cocktails

    1. The Golden Flute

    A super quick drink to rustle up, that looks fantastic. One to try out to impress your dinner party guests and please those with a sweet tooth.

    You’ll need:


    Simply mix the ingredients together in a cocktail mixer with some ice until very cold. Drain and serve into a champagne glass.

    1. Smirnoff Gold Spiced Gingerbread

    Another winner for those with a sweet tooth, and a great drink to serve around the holiday season.

    You’ll need:

    • 50ml. Smirnoff® Gold
    • 25ml. Ginger Syrup
    • 25ml. Lemon Juice
    • 0.5piece Egg White
    • 1piece Gingerbread Cookie


    Place all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and shake until the egg has emulsified. When the shaker is cold to touch, drain the mix over a glass of your choice.

    1. Thrice Gold Cocktail

    This cocktail screams opulence and luxury, and is very easy to create.

    You’ll need:


    As this cocktail contains champagne, you don’t want to over stir it. Instead, mix the 3 liquid ingredients together gently with a spoon and place the orange peel in the drink.