Introducing Beefeater Blood Orange

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Beefeater Blood Orange Gin

Say Hello To Beefeater Blood Orange!

Gin lovers are once again being spoilt by, after just being treated to Hendricks new gin - Midsummer Solstice, Beefeater comes bursting onto the scene with its new Blood Orange Gin!

Beefeater Blood Orange is the latest bold and refreshing expression from the world’s most awarded gin brand. Inspired by the Orange Gin distilled by Beefeater’s founder, James Burrough in 1876, and created to satisfy a growing global thirst for fruit-flavoured gin, Beefeater Blood Orange has a bitter-sweet juicy flavour and a vibrant, striking colour, set to appeal to today’s gin drinker.

The new expression builds on Beefeater’s long history of experimentation, which saw founder James Burrough develop his first Orange Gin using oranges sourced from London’s iconic Covent Garden fruit market. Today, Beefeater Blood Orange is expertly made in London under the watchful eye of gin’s most experienced Master Distiller, Desmond Payne MBE - a pioneer of the modern gin industry.

Chris Ellis, Commercial Director for Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “Orange Gin has swiftly become the second fastest growing gin flavour, after pink, yet the majority of Orange Gins currently on the market are only available at a super-premium price. Enter Beefeater Blood Orange, the accessible Orange Gin. We were blown away by the success of Beefeater Pink last year, and with Premium+ Orange Gin growing faster in its infancy than its pink equivalent did, we can’t wait to see how Beefeater Blood Orange performs.”

How should Beefeater Blood Orange Be Served?

Beefeater Blood Orange  B&T Cocktail Beefeater Blood Orange is designed to be enjoyed in a Blood Orange B&T, blending Beefeater Blood Orange with tonic or ginger ale or, if you are looking for a low-calorie mixer, try soda water and serving in a goblet over ice and a slice of blood orange.

Its versatile flavours and aromas also make it the perfect base for a broad range of cocktails and Beefeater invites mixologists and consumers alike to experiment with this delicious, juicy gin.

  • Taste: The bitter-sweet flavour of juicy blood orange gives way to classic gin aromas of juniper and angelica, developing into a long, rich finish.
  • Aroma: Fresh citrus and tangy blood orange aroma.
  • Appearance: Vibrant blood orange colour, that holds when mixed with tonic


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