How To Store Wine At Home

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How To Store Wine At Home

Here at The Bottle Clubwe cherish every bottle that passes through our doors and when the time comes to wave goodbye, as tough as it may be we take comfort in knowing they are going to a good home.

HOWEVER, with National Pinot Noir Day on the horizon, it has come to our attention that some of you may not be storing your wines as well as you could be. We aren’t judging, everyone needs a little help so here are some tips we’ve picked up on how to store wine at home.


How To Store Wine At Home

Put your feet up – No not you! The shipping process can be rough on your bottles so once they arrive they love nothing more than to be laid on their side to relax. Aside from being a welcome dose of r & r this also keeps the cork moist and swollen so pesky air and dust particles can’t get in.

Good vibrations – There’s no such thing! After such a bumpy ride your bottle appreciates as little movement in its new home as possible. Excessive irritation can lead to spoiling and we don’t want that now, do we?

This little light of mine – Do not, I repeat do NOT let it shine on your bottle of wine. Any type of light exposure, especially sunlight can lead to the premature ageing of your wine and no one likes getting old before their time!

Hot & bothered – Humid conditions make us cranky, which isn’t pretty but for a bottle of wine, humidity can cause mould... Yuk! Try and keep the humidity level of your storage space below 70% to avoid such monstrosities.

“Just right” – We hear you Goldilocks, bottles of wine are sensitive to heat too! Most wines should ideally be stored between 11-14˚c and to avoid oxidation shouldn’t be kept in conditions above 24˚c.

For a more specific breakdown here’s quick temperature guide:


How to store red wine (full bodied): 17˚c - 19˚c. OUR FAVOURITE

How to store red wine (light & medium bodied): 12˚c - 16˚c. TRENDING

How to store port wine: 12˚c - 16˚c. HIDDEN GEM

How to store white wine (dry): 8˚c - 12˚c. GREAT VALUE

How to store rose wine: 7˚c - 15˚c. BESTSELLER

How to store sparkling and sweet wines: 5˚c - 8˚c. AWARD WINNER


Whatever temperature you choose for your bottle it’s important to make sure there is as little fluctuation as possible because like all budding relationships consistency is key!

So there you have it! Sure, we’d all love to have walk-in wine cellars but not having one is no excuse to dote on your new bottles and with these easy-to-follow tips, you can give them the life they deserve! Please give them a little hug from us.




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